Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Everyday Better

In every way
I'm getting better
And better
And better
But not according
To Joel Noftle.
He says I should
Keep quiet
About it
If I make
Any improvement.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Somerset's Hug

     Last night my youngest son Somerset (Nick) gave me what must have been the nicest hug he's ever given.  I think it was partly because I made a birthday cake for him on his birthday.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Little Girl With So Many One Penny Pieces, She Gave Up by Joanne Okano

     When I was young, my mother gave me an allowance.  Pocket money we call it in England, by the way.  Well my pocket money didn't stretch very far, but I decided to buy a book, a children's book, in paperback at the bookstore.  It was a first time book, it wasn't old, and it cost quite a bit of money, 20p to be exact.  (That's 20 pence.)  I had it all in pennies, I said, since my mother paid me my pocket money in pennies.  So I counted them all out on the desk.  Everyone was waiting, even my mother.  When she saw I only had 17 pence (pennies) she provided the remainder of the price.  Wasn't that kind?
The End

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Matilda, The Ugly, A Romance (Abridged) by Joanne Okano (Conclusion)

     All adoring men put her aside though when they saw her lips move.
     "I like you," she said, and they ran.  They didn't want anything to do with her.
     "I love you," she said and they married someone else.
     Then he came along.  He too had been put down, and pushed around a lot so he knew how she felt. He didn't want her at first, he thought she was too ugly, but no, he thought she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.  Except for her flat feet and big tummy and syringe-like nose but that was to be expected.  He was older than her, by quite a few years.  They were kind to each other.  
     He was cousin Hork's nephew he said, so they married after a long engagement and getting-to-know-you period before that.  And it worked.  (And they had oodles of children.)
The End

Friday, August 2, 2013

Matilda, The Ugly, A Romance (Abridged) by Joanne Okano (Chapter Five, again)

     And then she went into a dungeon at least that's what he said, because nobody would take her he said and she had to pay for her crimes against the children, he said, although he had done worse.  She had friends, she said.  Her friends were the missionaries.  And Elvis Presley.  That was about it, you think, but no, she had many more friends.  She was not a Dolly Parton type but men flocked to her you think, but no, they merely secretly admired her.  You see she had big teeth like an Osmond and nice legs like a Betty Grable.  
To Be Continued

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Matilda, The Ugly, A Romance (Abridged) by Joanne Okano (yes, we're still on Chapter Five)

     Now you may be wondering, what have I got into with this story.  Well don't worry, it gets better.  I think it gets better anyway.  They got together and separated a number of times, but never forever until the last time and then the dastardly man put her out on the street with all of her things except the books which she needed to teach school to the children and the clothes which she needed to wear and the hairpins and sequined dresses.  She had given those all away at his command, those sequined dresses.  He had said those were too loose on her figure.  She had nothing you think but no she had gummy bears to feed the children and a Book of Mormon and several suits of clothing for singing and dancing on stage (as if she felt like doing that) and her art materials which wowed her that she still had those because that made her life complete for the time being.
To Be Continued